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Benefits of submitting your poster:
  • You will receive an unique reference number.
  • Posters are free to view by the worldwide audience and hence no longer limited for the conference.
  • Readers going through your work can collaborate and contact regarding your work.
  • ePoster Community allows your poster to be accessed via Desktops, Tables, Mobile, Smartphones, etc.
  • Search feature of ePoster Community allows the attendees to find your poster through the Unique reference number.
  • Posters are visible on a single and full page.
  • Posters will be live on our website for 1 year after the submission.
  • No matter how many posters – each and every poster will be updated on our website.
  • The most professional appearance
  • Ecological: help to preserve the environment
  • Diverse content, the greatest variety
  • Posters can be viewed at any time.
Instructions for E-poster:
  • Language: All language of E-Posters are accepted.
  • File format: PDF or .pptx- 1 page is recommended.
  • E-Poster size in pixel: 1080 width x 1536 height – portrait orientation.
  • E-Poster size in cm: 38,1 width x 54,2 height – portrait orientation.
  • Font size: ≥16
  • Hyperlinks, animated images, animations and embedded videos are not permitted.
  • Good picture quality is essential.
  • File size: Less than 5 MB
  • When saving your .PPTX, please do not use symbols or special characters (ie. +/-@) in the file name
  • Names and affiliations of all authors (each author to be marked with superscript Arabic number (such as 1, 2) with their corresponding institute affiliation.
  • The logo of the affiliated institution/university should be placed on the upper left-hand corner, whilst the first author’s color photograph (passport style) should be placed on the upper right-hand corner of the poster.
  • The title and subheadings should be written in bold. Italics should be avoided as it would be harder to read from a distance.
  • Please be considerate when using colors for the presentation, keep only 2-3 colors as this would be a formal scientific poster presentation. Please select background colors that contrast well with the font to allow easier reading of your text. Avoid background with bright or dark color and full of texture as this will distract readers.
  • The number of photographs should be limited to only those that are essential and relevant for the poster (preferable not exceeding 4-6 photos).
  • Graphs and tables should be well organized and the font used should be of a size that is easy to read.

[dropcap]e[/dropcap]Poster Community is a medium of electronic presentation of your scientific posters that allow you to present and publish your latest scientific research work of your interest in front of worldwide viewers, learners, and open access community.

An ePoster is worth a thousand words; it’s self-explanatory – it stands on its own and does most of your explanation digitally. We welcome researchers to submit their posters and make it visible. ePosters can contain many different rich resources such as research work, case reports, presentations, company profiles, assignments, images, trending news, projects, summary, results, apps, links, etc.

ePoster Community offers maximum coverage and availability of your poster for the long run. Presenting your scientific research as an ePoster is a golden opportunity to connect and network. Viewers can learn, absorb, and interact in regards to your presentation at any time.

It is a better and more engaging way to display and promote your research. The Society Meetings, Scientific Event Organizations, Conference/Congress organizers, and companies can collaborate with us to showcase their posters on the Digital Scientific Poster Library, i.e., ePoster Community.

Times and circumstances are changing exponentially, and so we. We are very much involved with technology and fascinated by it. Today, we are all pretty aware and experienced with the pandemic and its consequences, which made us digitally grow to avoid gatherings. 

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