Urachal Carcinoma – A Very Case Report

Dr. Samridhi Allhabadi_https://eposters.universeconferences.com/

Introduction: Urachal carcinoma is an extremely rare and aggressive cancer arising from a persistent urachus which is a remnant of the allantois that extends from bladder to umblicus. This is a case report of a 37-year-old male who presented with hematuria. On radiological investigation he was found to have a tumor involving dome of bladder and urachal remnant. Partial cystectomy with enblock removal of urachus and umblicus was done. On cutting the specimen through umblicus the urachal remnant was identified very well (as seen in the figure) with a tumor from distal uracus infiltrating into the bladder. Histologicaly this tumor was identified as adenocarcinoma-enteric type involving, urachus , bladder and perivesical fat.

Biography: Completed MD pathology from Mahatma Gandhi University. Worked as head of the dept. of pathology at medical college. Published more than 10 articles in various journals.

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